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Numerous translated example sentences with “Calculate Mortgage” – English-German dictionary and search engine for millions of English translations. Calculate the mortgage p. 1 article. 64. Two of the Federal Laws).

Äl Estate) “, the land on which a building was or will be built with credit or special loan funds, is considered as collateral on the date on which the state holds the borrower’s property in the building under construction or construction. or the day on which the registration authority receives a communication from the lender and the lender regarding the conclusion of the credit agreement (credit agreement).

Mortgage application

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Distinction between two situations: those of plants that produce heat and electricity simultaneously, and those that, because of their operation and objectives, generate electricity and heat for only part of the year at the same time, while the remainder of the year works exclusively in condensation mode.

for the goods in question in the last purchase prior to that on the basis of which the export declaration was lodged and in which the customs authorities have no objective reason to doubt their correctness.

in the blocks of the first and second input images; Selecting pixels of the contrast difference image that exceed a first threshold to form a first threshold output signal; Selecting measurements of the average absolute difference that exceed a second threshold to form a second threshold output signal; and generating a detection signal from the thresholds.

The tour operator or tour operator who has drawn up his VAT declaration for a certain period following the procedure laid down in national legislation transposing the Sixth Council Directive 77/388 / EEC of 17 May 1977 on the harmonization of the laws of the Member States relating to turnover taxes, Common system of value added tax: Common basis of assessment may recalculate its VAT liability in accordance with the procedure followed by the Court to comply with Community law, under conditions laid down in national law which must respect the principles of equivalence and equivalence.

An investment company acquires shares in other investment companies that are directly or indirectly managed by the same management company or another company affiliated with the management company through joint management or control of a material direct or indirect interest, so the management company or the other company may not pay commission for the investment company Subscription or redemption of shares of the other investment company in securities or another equivalent company or for the conversion of the individual segments received by this company.