Amadeus will make Cytric features available in Microsoft tools


Amadeus has partnered to integrate its Cytric booking and spending platform into the Microsoft 365 suite of tools.

With the integration, available now, users can search and book travel in Microsoft Teams and also share travel information in Teams, with colleagues giving them the ability to book the same trip. Amadeus already had the ability in Outlook to set up a “book travel” option, which would trigger a pop-up with the standard Cytric experience, said Ken Pfaffmann, vice president of business development for Amadeus Americas business. With the initial integration with Teams, users can add Cytric as an app, allowing them to book in Teams and have an in-chat button to share some or all routes with co-workers, he said. -he declares.

“The ability to book plane tickets or manage travel expenses without leaving day-to-day collaborative apps will help make the process smoother for users, making travel easier and eliminating some of the usual booking hassles,” said said Eric Bailey, global director of travel at Microsoft, in a statement.

Over the coming months, the integration will deepen to make it “natively a Teams experience” for booking, managing expenses and sharing travel information, Pfaffmann said. Microsoft and Amadeus are working together on the architecture of the solutions, which will have a slightly different user experience.

From there, the companies will work together on a variety of new capabilities, Pfaffmann said. For example, a calendar invitation in Outlook for a location outside of an employee’s home office could pre-populate searches with travel recommendations based on price, convenience, traveler history, and impact. environmental, and she could also provide a list of connections in the destination to help the employee set up meetings. Tools to help employees in different offices plan collaborative meetings will also be a focus, he said.

The relationship with Microsoft is exclusive to Amadeus “for a period”, according to Pfaffmann.

The integration will also help Amadeus in its efforts to increase adoption of Cytric in the US, which it launched in 2016 to replace its online travel management tool. Pfaffmann said the tool’s initial growth in the US was slow, but over the past few years the company has invested more in US expansion, including strengthening the team behind the tool. “A good number of global accounts” using the tool outside of Europe are expanding its use in the US, and “two major global US companies” will switch to Cytric this year, he said.


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