How to enable dark mode in Microsoft Excel; Simple and easy tips to do it


Switching Microsoft Excel to dark mode will make your eyes much more comfortable. Here is a step by step guide to do it.

Continuously working on a laptop screen has a huge impact on the eyes. However, do you know that you can protect your eyes by switching to dark mode? Good! Switching to dark mode will make you feel better, especially in the morning and evening. Dark mode flips the color palette and therefore the interface looks dark, and makes the screen more comfortable to read in high contrast settings. Microsoft has rolled out this dark mode option in its Office suite, allowing users to darken the Excel interface as well. But note that by default dark mode only affects the interface, while the worksheet is full of white cells. It can still be shocking, but you don’t have to worry because there is a way around the cells. So, here is how to enable dark mode of Microsoft Excel and worksheet as well.

How to Enable Dark Mode for Excel Spreadsheet

1. Since the worksheets have a white interface, you should set the background to a dark mode. So, first, head to the ribbon at the top of the screen, tap on layout, and then click on Background.

2. Click on the Search Bing search box available in the Insert Pictures dialog box,

3. Type in “solid gray” or “solid black”, depending on how dark you want the background to be.

4. Now press Enter and select a background image, then click Insert.

5. You may need to change the text color if you have set your background too dark, as the black text will not be visible. Press Ctrl-A to select the entire worksheet, then click the Font section on the Home tab.

6. Now click on the Font Color drop-down menu and choose white. If the text color is still not clearly visible, you can select another color from the font color options.


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