How to Use the New Microsoft Outlook Calendar Table View


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Check how to use the new Microsoft Outlook calendar table view

Microsoft recently introduced a handy new feature for Outlook: a Kanban-style board view in the Outlook calendar. The new feature, currently only available in Outlook on the web, lets you pin cards containing useful information to a project board. These cards can contain calendars, notes, to-do lists, links, and other items. Some items in these cards may interact with your main Outlook calendar. The Outlook dashboard view is available if you have a paid Microsoft 365 account or a free account. (Check out Microsoft 365 plans for home, small business, and enterprise, or sign up for a free Microsoft account.) Microsoft is making its first major change to Outlook’s calendar view in years.

A new Outlook calendar view will soon be available in Outlook for the web and works the same as Trello. This is a new dynamic view that lets you organize meetings with tasks, notes, goals, links, files, and more. This calendar acts as an ever-changing dashboard that attempts to centralize everything related to maintaining a clean and up-to-date calendar. Moreover, Outlook is fully integrated with contacts, emails, and other features. With this calendar view, you don’t have to switch between different apps and tools to manage your time. You can access the Outlook dashboard view with a free account or a paid Microsoft 365 account.

How to Use the New Calendar Table View in Microsoft Outlook

Access the Outlook calendar table

To access your Outlook calendar, go to or, depending on which account you’re using. The calendar icon is on the left edge of the toolbar. Tap this icon to open the Outlook calendar. Once it opens in your browser window, click the Month button in the top right corner of your calendar page. You must also select “Dashboard” from the drop-down menu that opens. Note that instead of the month, the button can also appear as Work week, Week, or Day.

Add or remove items from your board

You can easily remove or add items on your calendar board to make it work better for you. If you want to remove an item, click on the three dots on the calendar table at the top right. This should bring up more options where you can choose “Remove from Dashboard”. You can also select the item you want to remove and then choose the “Remove from Dashboard” option.

To add items to your board, simply tap the “Add to Board” icon in the top left. Then click the “Show All” icon at the bottom to view the available items. You can choose additional items, such as a clock, location, weather, and a link. After selecting the appropriate item you want to add, it should appear in a blank space. You can then drag the new element to where you want to place it.

Rearrange your table

Microsoft Outlook Calendar gives you the flexibility to organize your dashboard however you want. Simply click on the item you want to move, drag it to the new location on the board, and drop it. When you move your objects on the board, there is usually a faint line that can help you align your objects well. The calendar also allows you to edit a group of items. If you want to move a group, hold down Command on Mac or Ctrl on Windows as you tap each item. The border of each item should turn blue when you select the items you want. Once you have selected all the items, drag them to move the group.

Please note that this Outlook calendar limits you to using only the space you see. You can choose to move items down or to the far right. Be sure to slowly drag items to an off-screen location and the screen will move.

To see the items you have rearranged, click and hold on the empty space on the calendar board. You will notice an outline at the bottom right. Move the screen around until the outline displays the items you need to see. You can also secure the items to their specific locations by locking them to prevent accidental slipping. Block them by activating the blocking elements switch located at the top right of the board.

Types of cards you can pin to your Outlook board

Below are the cards you can include on your board and the different ways you can interact with them.


After activating the dashboard, you will get a pinned card version of your timeline. You can interact with the map the same way you interact with the calendar when you are not in board view. You can invite people from your contacts to an occasion, add a reminder to a date, etc. However, you can pin additional calendar cards for different purposes, such as one for work and one for other activities outside of work. Select “add to board” and choose the calendar to add a calendar card.

Things to do

The Microsoft To-Do app is linked to the to-do list, so the task you have in the To-Do app will show up by default after you add a to-do list card. If you’re not using the app, a blank task card should appear. If you want to add tasks, select “Add task”, describe the task, then click on the Add button. You can add as many tasks as possible. Use the star icon to mark a task as important.

weather and clock

You can also pin maps to show time or weather for your location or other cities. A single clock map displays the current time in multiple locations, but each weather map displays only one location.


You can use this card to define something you need to do. Once you’ve added a goal card, tap “what is your goal” and provide a short description. Also adjust the calendar date. If you want to change the date, change it by clicking on the three dots at the top right.


The location map displays a thumbnail of the map and details of a location. After adding the map, click “Enter a location”, then enter the name of the location and choose from the options that appear. Phone number and address may also appear.

The person

Pinning this card prompts you to enter the person’s name in your Microsoft Contacts. You will then see the person’s name, phone number, email address, etc.


It is a card that contains other cards. You use it to organize other cards to avoid cluttering your board. To add cards, click and drag the cards to the trading cards area. You can also tap the three dots in the top right, then choose “move to collection” and select the location you want to move it to.

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