Microsoft Edge 96 will be dispersed for Windows, macOS and Linux ›Upgrade to Edge 96 fills 21 security holes


Microsoft began rolling out the Microsoft Edge 96 secure model for Windows, macOS, and Linux on Saturday evening. The new release update 96..1054.29 consists of a selection of new options, fixes and overall performance improvements and will be released regularly over the next few times and weeks. There are also many bug fixes and stability improvements: with this update 21 security holes were closed, such as three Edge updates-some with CVE-2021-43221, CVE-2021-43220 and CVE-2021-42308. Access to details will continue to be limited until most people finally get this update. To acquire Edge of all the new features, Edge must be updated to the most recent variation. The update to version 96..1054.29 can now be downloaded both as a result of the update done through the menu with some products ›Help and feedback› Microsoft Edge information and directly from the official website. You can find more information about this update below or at Microsoft.

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For the stable channel, updates are rolled out gradually over one or more times. Buyers who have fitted a more mature model of Edge will mechanically get the update. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can activate the update manually: Open Edge and click on the button with the few dots in the upper right corner of the window ›Click on Support & Feedback then on About Microsoft Edge ›While this dialog opens, Edge checks for updates› If an update is offered, click Restart to use it. If needed, the update can also be downloaded from the official webpage.

The new edition of Microsoft Edge can now be downloaded from Microsoft:

The new version of Edge incorporates the following new options and advancements:

  • Microsoft introduced the newer 96..1054.29 variant of Microsoft Edge Steady Channel, which includes the most recent Chromium task protection updates.
  • Security Patches -> CVE-2021-38005, CVE-2021-38006, CVE-2021-38007, CVE-2021-38008, CVE-2021-38009, CVE-2021-38010, CVE-2021-38011, CVE-2021 – 38012, CVE-2021-38013, CVE-2021-38014, CVE-2021-38015, CVE-2021-38016, CVE-2021-38017, CVE-2021-38018, CVE-2021-38019, CVE-2021-38020 , CVE-2021-38021, CVE-2021-38022, CVE-2021-43221, CVE-2021-43220 and CVE-2021-42308.

Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Microsoft Edge will continue to support Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 until January 15, 2022. These functional units are no longer supported and Microsoft suggests upgrading to a supported operating system, such as Windows 10. Although Edge Helps Improve Security On the Internet, laptops can even now be vulnerable to protection risks. For the IE method to be suitable with these operating programs, the units must have the Extended Security Updates for Windows 7 characteristic.

Microsoft Edge for Desktop -> Description via Microsoft

The new Microsoft Edge has been completely rebuilt to give you the utmost compatibility and efficiency, the security and privacy you deserve, and new options that give you the ideal of the web. The new Microsoft Edge relies on the Chromium engine, which increases compatibility and makes it easier to progress between systems of Internet programs. When upgrading to the new version, favorites, passwords, data saved for sorts and basic options are transferred without the buyer being able to do everything. Microsoft Edge arrives with optimized overall performance, will get a new logo, and is packed with innovations for home and business buyers.

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