Microsoft launches new SSO service for Office Add-ins on the web


Microsoft has announced the introduction of a new single sign-on (SSO) service for Office Add-ins. This only applies to the Office web interface on the Microsoft suite. The Redmond tech giant further noted that this new service will only apply to add-ins used in Excel, Word and PowerPoint. This means that Outlook add-ins are currently unaffected.

Microsoft says the improvements made by this configuration change include improved reliability and support for additional scenarios where Office on the web is used. It’s important to note that because this is a new service, organizations using Office Add-ins on the web should add the following ID to their list of allowed client applications in the Azure portal: 93d53678-613d-4013-afc1-62e9e444a0a5. Meanwhile, organizations that have already added the following ID do not need to change anything else as this group permission already includes the newly introduced SSO service: ea5a67f6-b6f3-4338-b240-c655ddc3cc8e. That said, if your core apps are validating specific app IDs, you’ll need to make changes there.

Microsoft has warned that it will completely switch to this new SSO service from February 7, so if you don’t update your configuration before then, applications will not use the standard SSO flow and will instead revert to a back-up solution, if applicable. available. Customers who do not make the recommended changes may see error 13005 as an answer. As such, organizations using Office Add-ins on the web are recommended to immediately update their Authorized Application Credentials, details of which can be found here.


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