Microsoft lets users hide their personal video in Teams


Several Teams users were frustrated with seeing each other constantly during meetings

San Francisco: After more than 5,000 irritated Microsoft Teams users complained about a feature that always keeps them in mind during online meetings, the company finally introduces a “Hide your own video” in its meeting platform Teams.

Currently, the personal view is always static in the lower right corner of a Teams meeting.

“This is often annoying and can also interfere with screen sharing,” complained users of Microsoft’s community forum.

Several Teams users were frustrated with seeing each other constantly during meetings.

Now, the company takes the burden off you of watching yourself in action, ZDNet reports.

“It’s instructive to learn how many Teams users describe the experience of constantly looking at each other. One word that comes up over and over again is exhausting,” the report said.

One of these users posted on the Microsoft Community Board: “I am both a woman and a new hire and seeing myself is very entertaining and exhausting. Therefore, I almost always turn off my camera for all my meetings, although it makes it even more difficult to connect with my colleagues, which is a disappointment as a new hire.

According to Microsoft, the new feature allowing Teams users to hide their own video is expected to launch this month.

” Thank you for your feedback ! The team is currently working on introducing this capability, ”the company said.

“Please integrate it quickly. It’s so boring to have your own photo on your face all the time in meetings, ”one user replied.

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