Microsoft Outlook update will close a nasty security hole


A new update for Microsoft Outlook is planned to close a nasty security hole in the coming weeks.

An entry on the Microsoft 365 roadmap describes how the email client will soon provide “consistent access control” over protected email for delegates and shared mailbox members.

This involves a new setting for delegates or members of the shared mailbox who have full access to the owner’s mailbox, but are not allowed to read E-mail. The new setting will block access to the owner’s protected emails, covering ad-hoc encrypted emails, as well as emails with protected MIP sensitivity labels.

Rebuild Outlook from scratch

The new feature is expected to reach general availability in April 2022 and will come to Android, Web, Mac, iOS, as well as standard multi-tenant global cloud instances.

Microsoft has created an all-new Outlook app for Windows 10 and Windows 11 as it seeks to embrace the new world of hybrid work.

These most recent changes, built under the code name “Project Monarch”, should completely restart the Outlook application, making it more in line with the look and feel of Windows 11. It should also be more aimed at workers. hybrid and remote, as well as the modern workplace that is more cloud-based.

In the May 2021 Update for Office Insiders, the new One Outlook design was inadvertently shown, with a user interface reminiscent of Windows 11‘s new Paint app.

Last September, Microsoft also announced that could be designated as the default email client for mailto:links.


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