Microsoft releases ‘big’ update for Edge Dev that streamlines shopping experience


Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft Edge Dev recently received build 97.0.1060.2. The update includes several new features, including the ability to create new website accounts with one click. The latest browser version also supports arbitrary highlight drawing on PDFs and adds the ability to print odd or even pages.

Here are all the new features of Edge Dev build 97.0.1060.2:

  • Added ability to draw arbitrary highlight on PDFs.
  • Added option to print odd or even pages.
  • Combined autofill and password generation on account registration webpages to be able to create new website accounts with one click.
  • Personal information and combined payment information is auto-populated on some shopping websites so you can apply coupons and checkout with one click.
  • One-click password update is enabled by default by adding a button to the Disclosed Password Settings page that goes directly to the website password update page and then using build password to automatically fill in a new password.
  • Added the Downloads button to open windows with the –app command line flag.
  • Management policies (updates to documentation and administrative models may not have taken place yet):
  • Added policy to control if Internet Explorer mode toolbar button is enabled.
  • Added a policy to control if the ability for Edge to automatically enhance images is enabled.
  • Added policy to control if accessibility image tags are enabled, which controls whether a service can be used to generate descriptions for images that don’t already have them.
  • Developer:
  • Added an experimental WebView2 API to handle basic website authentication (issue 120).
  • Added an experimental API to WebView2 applications to send and receive web messages on iframes (issue 139).
  • Added an API to WebView2 applications to query the location of the user data folder.

By changing the way Microsoft Edge handles the autofill of certain information, the browser has gained new, handy features. Buyers can now apply coupons and checkout with one click on some sites.

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Microsoft has also made updating passwords easier by linking directly to a website’s update passwords page from the settings section of the browser. This combines with password generation to streamline the experience of changing a password.

Version 97.0.1060.2 also includes a long list of change behaviors and improvements. You can read them, along with the known issues in the update, on the Microsoft site. Technical community page for the construction.

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