Microsoft Viva Insights to provide new insights for managers and team leaders.


Microsoft Viva is Microsoft’s new employee experience platform to bring tools for employee engagement, learning, wellness, and knowledge discovery all in one place.

Today, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Viva Insights is releasing extended information for managers and team leaders.

This new information increases the value of Viva information for managers and team leaders who have at least one direct report. Viva insights stores a team definition based on your organization’s data from AAD.

The following changes will be reflected in MyAnalytics:

  • The Leadership tab in MyAnalytics, currently available as in Targeted Release, is replaced with a Viva Insights team experience on the web. From November 2021, users with a Viva Insights license will be able to access the Viva Insights team experience on as well as through the Microsoft 365 app launcher on Users will have access to the Leadership page in MyAnalytics until January 31, 2022, after which the URL for that page will start redirecting users with a Viva Insights license to the new experience on
  • Catching up on your team card in the Viva Insights add-in for Outlook, currently available to all users with a MyAnalytics service plan, will require a Viva Insights license starting January 31, 2022.

Here are the new features coming this month:

  1. Viva Insights team home page
    • The team home page provides managers and team leaders with information about their relationships with team members, which can help increase the productivity, well-being and engagement of the team. ‘team.
  2. The “My team” tab is updated:
    • Viva Insights will release a major update to the My Team tab. This tab is currently available to users through the Viva Insights Teams app. The update consolidates all of our Manager knowledge into a single canvas.
  3. Manager information sheet:
    • For eligible users, a “Catch Up With Your Team” card will begin appearing in the Microsoft Viva Daily Briefing email.
  4. Manager’s summary email:
    • Microsoft’s monthly summary email Viva, which currently helps people think about how they work in terms of focus, well-being, networking, and collaboration.

Viva Insights functionality for managers and team leaders will be available to users with a Microsoft Viva Insights License.

It is scheduled for a targeted release in early November and a Standard version deployment from mid-November.


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