Sketchboard: Online whiteboard app for Microsoft Teams boosts software teams


Sketchboard introduces its Microsoft Teams online whiteboard app for software development teams

ESPOO, FINLAND, March 31, 2022 / — As software development teams become more distributed than ever, the challenges of establishing an effective teamwork culture become more complicated.

An online whiteboard company, Sketchboard, was empowering software teams with its real-time visual collaboration solution long before the pandemic. As video conferencing tools become a more integrated part of almost every software development team, Sketchboard has decided to introduce its online whiteboard app for Microsoft teams.

With the Sketchboard app for Microsoft Teams, software professionals enjoy effortless visual collaboration with teammates. For example, in the early stages of software development projects, teams typically write visual models to come together to brainstorm. Sketchboard provides a flexible and easy-to-use solution for teams to create quick draft diagrams such as use case diagrams, state diagrams or domain models.

“Software development teams face many intangible issues. As a software developer, I encounter these problems every day. Sketchboard is designed to visualize these problems in order to solve them more easily,” says Saiki Tanabe, founder of Sketchboard.

Sketchboard’s seamlessly integrated solution on Microsoft Teams helps software teams avoid potential misunderstandings. Bringing everyone together on the same page speeds up every phase of software development projects.

“We are very excited to introduce Sketchboard App as an integrated whiteboard app for Microsoft Teams,” says Saiki Tanabe.

Sketchboard users can now embed their diagrams in Microsoft Teams channels, chats, and meetings and collaborate on a whiteboard in Microsoft Teams. This means that during video calls or chats, Sketchboard diagrams can be used as an integral part of the conversation. Having all materials saved to the Sketchboard environment also makes it easier to return to discussions and remember where the team left off.

Although there are several tools available in the market, Sketchboard’s expertise and focus on software development professionals makes this tool unique. The simple and flexible feature set provides a smooth experience for both experienced and novice software developers.
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